World Records in Sound and Music


How do I set an official WSM World Record?

To achieve a world record accepted by WSM you have to choose an existing category or suggest a new one. Since WSM just started its official activities and the contemporary sound cultures are rapidly developing, we encourage people to come up with new, inventive and even extravagant categories. Push the boundaries of your personal experiences in sound and music!

As soon as you found an appropriate category you should consider five points that will become your regulations. These five points should describe the general setting and the framework of rules for your world record. Send the category and the regulations to WSM. If accepted by WSM they will be officially applied for measuring your record attempt.

As a matter of course the peak performance you're aiming to achieve should be clearly measurable.

In order to be accepted as a WSM World Record™ the attempt must be officially accredited by a notary or attended by the WSM legal team. Be sure to document your record attempt on video and audio properly, so it can be glamorously displayed at the WSM Video Stage and contagiously spread over the Internet.

Show regulations: Longest Guitar Solo Ever Played

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